Kitchen Sink Bundle

A collection of the first 12 stories Рover 25,000 words Рlisted here at a $50 savings over purchasing them separately. Including An Anniversary Like No Other, Ruby Gains A Mistress, The Perks of Business Travel, A Bit of Friendly Competition, The Breaking of David, Too Many Submissives, Too Little Time, 20 Ways to Tease Your Professor, A Challenge Undertaken, PleasureMaker 2020, Danielle And Her Mistress, The Study Session, and Poolside Rendezvous.

Romance Bundle

A discounted pairing of my two more romantic short stories. A bit of love, a bit of smut, and a bit of fun. You’ll get A Challenge Undertaken and An Anniversary Like No Other. Great for more mild adult sites looking for content. This gives you a $5 savings over purchasing them separately.

Total Length: 4,820 words

The BDSM Bundle

A discounted selection of the four BDSM stories currently for sale – Danielle and Her Mistress, Ruby Gains a Mistress, The Breaking of David and Too Many Submissives, Too Little Time. Add a bit of kink to your collection. A $10 savings over purchasing them separately.

Total Length: 9,478 words

An Anniversary Like No Other

A rather romantic piece of erotica about two college lovers rekindling their “no strings attached” relationship on a yearly basis. Not as ‘hardcore’ as my usual pieces. Great for dating sites with a NSA niche.

Length: 2,500 words

Keywords: 3rd person POV, hardcore sex, college coed, hardcore sex, cheating, romance

Too Many Submissives, Too Little Time

Designed to be the first of a three part series, Lucy the FemDom takes in her newest trainee Mark for BDSM training. He is introduced to anal sex thanks to Lucy’s strapon and dildo.

Length: 2,509

Keywords: 3rd person POV, FemDom, BDSM, anal, strapon

The Study Session

The classic “male student needs to get a better grade from his female professor to pass for the semester” story. When Anthony is in a pinch, there’s only one way to be sure he gets that A. A bit of a FemDom feel without getting into BDSM.

Length: 1,553 words

Keywords: 3rd person POV, student-teacher, college coed, teen

The Breaking of David

David had a high powered position at his firm and an attitude to match. When he drunkenly stumbles into a BDSM club one night, he wakes up not quite knowing what happened. Mistress Diana introduces him into a world he only dreamed of. Great “story starter” piece for private forum writing competitions.

Length: 2.762 words

Keywords: FemDom, BDSM, S&M, 3rd person POV

Poolside Rendezvous

Michael only has his lunch hour to get this fuck and run session with Rebecca in. This quick and dirty short story has no fluff – all fucking with a little bit of buildup and a quick dialogue at the end. Great for any “cheating” style websites.

Length: 1,035 words

Keywords: cheating, 3rd person POV, hardcore sex, safe sex

A Bit of Friendly Competition

Carissa and Sonja, 19-year old college roommates, have the hots for each other’s stepdads. After making their intentions known to each other, the two girls start a race as to see who can fuck their targets first. Perfect story for a “barely legal” sites or those that deal with step parent taboo.

Length: 2,658 words

Keywords: teen, college coed, stepdads, 3rd person POV, hardcore sex

The Perks of Business Travel

Russell, a stressed out business man orders an escort naively thinking it will be just a massage. He learns all about the perks of hiring a companion for a few hours, and explores all new sexual experiences over the course of an evening. Ideal for the “massage” adult niche.

Length: 2,522 words

Keywords: 3rd person POV, hookers, hardcore sex, bondage, anal, blow job, massage

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