Kitchen Sink Bundle

A collection of the first 12 stories – over 25,000 words – listed here at a $50 savings over purchasing them separately. Including An Anniversary Like No Other, Ruby Gains A Mistress, The Perks of Business Travel, A Bit of Friendly Competition, The Breaking of David, Too Many Submissives, Too Little Time, 20 Ways to Tease Your Professor, A Challenge Undertaken, PleasureMaker 2020, Danielle And Her Mistress, The Study Session, and Poolside Rendezvous.

The Perks of Business Travel

Russell, a stressed out business man orders an escort naively thinking it will be just a massage. He learns all about the perks of hiring a companion for a few hours, and explores all new sexual experiences over the course of an evening. Ideal for the “massage” adult niche.

Length: 2,522 words

Keywords: 3rd person POV, hookers, hardcore sex, bondage, anal, blow job, massage