Kitchen Sink Bundle

A collection of the first 12 stories – over 25,000 words – listed here at a $50 savings over purchasing them separately. Including An Anniversary Like No Other, Ruby Gains A Mistress, The Perks of Business Travel, A Bit of Friendly Competition, The Breaking of David, Too Many Submissives, Too Little Time, 20 Ways to Tease Your Professor, A Challenge Undertaken, PleasureMaker 2020, Danielle And Her Mistress, The Study Session, and Poolside Rendezvous.

The Study Session

The classic “male student needs to get a better grade from his female professor to pass for the semester” story. When Anthony is in a pinch, there’s only one way to be sure he gets that A. A bit of a FemDom feel without getting into BDSM.

Length: 1,553 words

Keywords: 3rd person POV, student-teacher, college coed, teen

20 Ways to Tease Your Professor

This short erotica presented in three parts. Part one is Ruby’s assignment to her professor outlining the twenty ways she would tempt and tease him. Part two is the professor’s response to her writing. The third part is Ruby’s diary entry detailing what happened when she returned to the professor’s office to follow up on his response.

Length: 1,980

Keywords and Themes: student-teacher, diary entry, hardcore sex, first person POV, college coed, teen