Ready to buy non-exclusive adult written content, but not looking forward to the time it’ll take to translate it into a Spintax format? In the coming weeks, I’ll be creating Spintax versions of all of the non-exclusive stories and blog posts here at Ruby’s Downloads. This won’t be your standard on-button spin setup, though. For those who are actually looking for readable content for places like Tier 1 blogs, forum posts, and other backlinking opportunities, the spun format that I create will actually make sense.

Rather than just pressing the “spin” button and spitting out what looks like something that’s been put through Google Translate a few dozen times, I take the time to choose appropriate synonyms that actually make sense when read. Each Spintax document will have at least 50% variation from the original document. Here’s an example of one that I’m currently working on.

{Say|Mention|Suggest|Talk about|Imagine} beginner bondage, and {one of the|on the list of|among the|among|amongst the|some of the} {first|very first|basic|number one|primarily} {things|points|items|details|elements|ideas} that {comes to|goes to} {a lot|most|a great deal|plenty|lots|many|a large amount|a large number} of minds are impact toys – the {collective|cumulative|group} {name|label|title|term|words} {used|applied|utilised|chosen} for {all those|all of those|the many|some of those} {whipping|thrashing} and {spanking|paddling} {tools|hardware|instruments|devices} that {adorn|hang from|are found on} the {walls|surfaces|wall space} of dungeons and {playrooms|play rooms}. 

With that, you’ll get something like this:

Say beginner bondage, and one of the first ideas that comes to many minds are impact toys – the collective words applied for all of those whipping and paddling tools that hang from the walls of dungeons and play rooms. 

As you can see, there is a good chunk of time and effort put into the Spintax versions of my text. Because of this, the will be priced 1.5 times higher than the standard unspun versions. Right now I’m working on adding those to the shop as and when I have time, but if you have a specific request for a spun version of one of my texts, please get in touch with me and I’ll make sure it’s next on my to-do list!

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